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Parenting with Technology | Using Technology to Connect with Your Kids

August 16, 2021
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    We hear a lot about the risks of technology with children. Parents are often advised that screen time is negatively impacting their kids and can lead to neglecting real-life activities. However, we live in a technologically dominated world! There's absolutely no way to get away from it unless you head out into the woods without access to power or WiFi.

    In a world where kids are "growing up digital," it is critical to teach them good digital citizenship and usage. Today we'd like to highlight some of the best ways you can use technology to connect with your children. We are going to demonstrate to you how deliberate use of technology can be beneficial!

    How Technology Has Changed Family Interactions During COVID 

    People have turned to electronics more than ever as they adapt to new practices in quarantine. Most of us have expanded our screen time due to school closings, remote careers, and online courses. This abrupt transition has left parents perplexed about how to cope with their children and technology.

    Parents worldwide are seeing their children tumble down an exceedingly perilous road towards an all-consuming digital existence. When the outbreak struck, many parents eased screen-time limits as a stopgap measure to keep their upset, impatient children amused and active. However, when laptops, smartphones, and phones were the centerpieces of school and social life, and weeks of stay-at-home laws bled into years, lingering restrictions frequently vanished.

    How to Leverage Growing Tech Engagement Trend for Positive Benefits with Your Family

    Fortunately, you do not need to use screen time only to occupy children at your worktime—it can also be an excellent platform for learning!

    Create Your Family Media Use Strategy

    Tweens and teenagers invest an excessive amount of time alone in their bedrooms right now, which implies they are isolated from the rest of the family and may believe they have complete control over their digital actions. Make it a rule, starting now, that screens are not permitted in the bedroom—period. Two opportunities will come:
    a)  your kid will spend less time on their gadgets and more time with you, and

    b)  your kid will be less likely to become involved with objectionable internet material.

    Engage in Games

    One of the best ways to knock down barriers is to explore the common "digital ground" for your child and to achieve this, computer games or smartphone gaming are your best bet.

    When it comes to 13-18-year olds, some choose to play games on a console or PC, but mostly on their smartphones. According to statistics, 97 percent of teen-age boys and 83 percent of teen-age girls play video games (either hardcore or casual). That means there's a good possibility your child will participate in some game. Most mobile games are "turn-based," which means you can take your turn, and then they will take their turn at a time of their choice.

    The competition puts you together and helps you engage in a manner that isn't "parenting" all day. It will also provide you with something familiar to discuss while addressing technology! It's a win-win situation—unless your child outperforms you!

    Plan a Movie Night 

    Seeing movies with loved ones can be a lot of fun – and you don't have to be in the same place to do so! Choose a movie and plan a viewing party. It might be a timeless masterpiece that everybody loves or a cheesy film that begs to be mocked – the choice is yours! Start a text-based movie discussion with each other or watch each other's expressions on a video call.

    Start a Blog with Your Child

    Creating a blog with your child can be artistic, casual journaling, or something personal. You and your child can write about different problems and difficulties you face, so having different viewpoints from different generations can be an excellent way to help deepen those bonds.

    Get Your Kids to Teach You Something

    As parents, we spend a lot of time educating our children about reasonable and unacceptable behavior, as well as providing them with the life skills they need to succeed in life. Yet our children have a lot to teach us as well. Especially when it comes to technology and their apparent intuitive understanding of how to do things, locate things, and set things up. Having children teach us something benefits them greatly-- gives them hope, and, of course, strengthens our bond with them.

    Essential Tips and Resources Available to Connect Parents and Kids Using Apps

    More smartphones, social media sites, and games are being developed every day to help you and your children stay connected. Make the best use of following instructional applications and media to connect with your kids:

    1) Introduce Kids to Dream Big Podcast

    Podcasts are something every adult likes listening to. Podcasts provide you with a lot of personal and business knowledge. Why not introduce your kids to the world of podcasts? There are several excellent podcasts for children, one of which is the Dream Big podcast. Kids adore the fact that a child hosts the podcast. So, cuddle up with your kid and listen to some podcasts!

    2) Make Walks Fun with Pokemon Go

    Parents are overwhelmed with advertisements claiming that technology is causing childhood obesity. On the other hand, you can fight that point by using technologies to improve your children's physical activity. We are big Pokemon Go fans. When the weather permits, go on long walks with your kids and attempt to capture Pokemon. Geocaching is also another way to combine technology and exercise.

    3) Read with Kindle

    Digital books add to the collection without taking up any physical space. Own a Kindle and purchase your books from Amazon. Many downloadable books are less expensive than the hardcover or paperback originals. So, cuddle up with your kid and read a fantastic interactive story!

    4) Finally, remember that a picture is worth a thousand words!

    Instead of telling you how they feel, let them show you! Checking in can be a regular family experience with free photo apps like Unsplash and design platforms like Canva. Any day could entail locating a quote that corresponds to a picture and frame.

    These suggestions might inspire you to have some casual chats, experiences, and fun with your child about technology. Implementing our strategies will make it easier to hold discussions and set standards for the gadgets. The added benefit is that you and your child will continue to connect and have fun in fresh and exciting ways!


    Brad Brenner

    Brad is one of the co-founders and the current COO of Joon with years of operational experience under his belt


    Brad Brenner

    Brad is one of the co-founders and the current COO of Joon with years of operational experience under his belt