raise children with this character building app

The behavior improvement app for kids with ADHD, ODD, Autism, or any behavior issues.

Meet the video game that makes daily routines & tasks fun for kids (ages 6 - 12). Motivate your child to focus and stay on top of their daily tasks.

Available on:
iOS, Android, Amazon Fire Tablets, & Chromebooks

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Help motivate your ADHD child complete their daily routine

Chore list and age-appropriate chores

Add your child's routine in minutes

Quickly assign tasks, keep track of completed tasks, and monitor progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule.

best chore app with reminding and no more nagging

No more nagging,
we do the reminding

To help your child stick to their daily routine, Joon will send relevant and timely reminders to keep them on track.

motivate kids to do chores

Improve motivation and focus on tasks

Your children will stay focused to do the activities assigned to them. In fact, 90% of kids on Joon complete all tasks assigned.

raise children who will be successful

Teach independence in a matter of weeks

Choose from a large list of research-backed activities to help your child build important life skills that teach independence.


Assign daily tasks and chores as Quests then let the video game do the rest

Age-appropriate life skills for kids

1) Start with age-appropriate tasks to focus on

Choose a couple focus areas, and we'll provide you with a small list of recommended tasks (known as Quests) or create your own tasks to get your child started!

2) Use gamification to keep your child on track

Your child chooses a virtual pet (called a Doter) to feed, wash, and grow. They stay motivated and focused on completing the tasks you assigned them, so they can take care of their pet and level it up!

Age-appropriate life skills for kids
Age-appropriate life skills for kids

3) Your child stays focused and even develops life skills!

As they progress in the game, your child will naturally start building their tasks as habits into their daily routine and even pick up on learning important life skills. All because they want to keep playing a fun game!

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Can video games actually improve executive functioning skills and ADHD symptoms?

Recently, many new video games, apps, and tools have emerged into the space to expand and complement the support for those struggling to manage their ADHD.

From virtual reality games to wearable technologies, these new advances in the digital therapeutics space have led to new discoveries that promise to help kids and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and related conditions like anxiety and depression.

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4.7 Stars
Average Rating
Chores Completed
Customer Support
Refund Policy
4.7 Stars
Average Rating
Chores Completed
Customer Support
Refund Policy
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