The Character-Building Game for Kids

Going beyond chores, Joon uses gamification to motivate your children (ages 4-11) to do real-life activities that help build valuable life skills.

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Our Goal

Help you raise a well-rounded child by using a research-backed child development framework

How it works in Joon

What you see: Mental Health
What skill your child sees: Stamina

Mental Health

I want to help my child be calm, happy, optimistic, and handle stress in a healthy manner

How it works in Joon

What you see: Learning & Education
What skill your child sees: Knowledge

Cognitive Development

I want to help my child become smarter, learn new skills, and think through problems creatively

How it works in Joon

What you see: Chores & Homework
What skill your child sees: Teamwork


I want to help my child learn to help me and others with tasks and be a good team player

How it works in Joon

What you see: Health & Fitness
What skill your child sees: Strength

Physical Health

I want to help my child eat well, exercise, have good health, and practice great hygiene

How it works in Joon

What you see: Relationship Building
What skill your child sees: Kindness


I want to help my child build stronger connections with family and friends

How it works in Joon

What you see: Focus & Self Control
What skill your child sees: Focus

Independence & Grit

I want to help my child do things on their own and have a sense of motivation and aspiration for their life

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How it works

Screen time you can feel good about

Motivate your child to build these 6 defining character traits through a language they understand: digital games

Start with age-appropriate activities and habits

Choose a couple of the 6 character traits, and we'll provide you with a small list of recommended activities (known as Quests) to get your child started on strengthening these core skills.

Use gamification to keep your child on track

Your child chooses a virtual pet (called a Doter) to feed, wash, and grow. When they complete the real-life activities assigned to them, their Doter grows and levels-up in the game helping your child visualize their own progress.

Continous development of new life skills

As your child progresses in the game, we'll start recommending new character traits to work on, building off of their growth and continuing to teach them new important life skills to help them succeed.

The Only Parenting Tool You'll Need

Easy to manage and add to your existing routine

Add daily reminders, keep track of completed chores and activities, and monitor their progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule.

We'll do the reminding. No more nagging.

To help both you and your children stick to their routines, Joon will send relevant and timely reminders.

Improve your child's behavior

Your children will stay motivated to do the activities assigned to them, helping strengthen their character and improve their behavior.

Give your child the tools to be successful

Research-backed activities help your child build the necessary life skills to be happy, successful and self-sufficient adults.


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