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Motivate your kids by assigning chores as "Quests," turning them into a really fun game they love to play!

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How joon works

Teaching kids responsibility & life skills through a language they understand: digital games

In Joon, You Assign Chores as “Quests” to your Kids

Quests can be anything from chores and exercising to learning and connecting with family instead of screens -- the tasks are endless!

The Game is the Reward

Reward your kids by letting them advance in the game instead of relying on allowances or gifts to keep them motivated. When your kids complete quests, they get coins and experience points to grow, customize, and care for their virtual pets (Doters).

Turn Screen Time into a Productive Activity

In Joon, time spent in the game is a reflection of time spent doing productive things in real life. As your kids reach higher levels in the game, they'll become even more engaged with completing the tasks you assign them, sticking to their routines, and even starting to ask you for more chores to progress.

There are so many more benefits for you and your kids!

Connect More as a Family

Complete family quests together in real life and save them as memories inside the game. Encourage your kids to stay more connected with distant relatives as well through specific Quests.

Add Structure & Stay Organized

Add daily reminders, keep track of completed chores, and monitor their progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule.

Endless Things to Explore

Your kids stay motivated to do chores by continuously unlocking new regions and special items that let them progress in the game.

Don’t just take our word for it!

See what a few other parents are saying about Joon

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Gen L.
Parent of 4 - Quebec, CAN

"I love Joon because, with Joon, the reward is the game. It's not buying them things or giving them money to stay motivated!"

Ben C.
Parent of 2 - East Coast

"Joon is helping my kids think about others instead of only what's fun for them. It's just such a great life skill that I never thought a 4 year old could develop."

Yulia K.
Parent of 2 - Oakland, CA

"Before Joon, I could never get my son Ihsan (9 y/o) to read. Now, he's reading 20 minutes every day!"

James W.
Parent of 3 - London, UK

"The best part of Joon is the part that gets us closer, using technology to get the family closer and do activities together"

Ron L.
Parent of 1 - Santa Cruz, CA

"My son uses Joon every week. It's been great in helping excite him to stick to his routine."

Robyn W.
Parent of 4 - San Francisco, CA

"All of my kids use Joon. It helps motivate them to do their homework, chores, and keep physically fit!"

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