Transform chores into a game that your kids love

Tired of nagging your kids? Joon makes chores a fun and collaborative activity - completely free.


A productive game that's fun for your children and easy for you

Assign quests like chores, homework, or any task

Assign recurring to-dos and customize in-game rewards for your children. Review quests when your child marks them as complete!

Motivate your children with in-app rewards

Completing quests lets your children level-up their characters and buy new items with coins and crystals.

Designed with kids in mind

In Joon, your kids growth and progression in the game is a reflection of their growth and progression in real life.

And many more amazing features!


Create and join communities of other parents and share ideas. Within communities, your children can see their friends' virtual companions and compare!

World Explorer

To make Joon more fun for your child, World Explorer allows them to walk around a world and use their coins to help replenish the environment.

Allowance Management

In addition to in-app rewards, you can choose to use the Wallets feature to track allowance.

Don’t just take our word for it!

See what parents are saying about Joon!

Yulia K.
Parent of 2 -Oakland, CA

"Before Joon, I could never get my son Ihsan (9 y/o) to read. Now, he's reading 20 minutes every day!"

Ron L.
Parent of 1 - Santa Cruz, CA

"My son uses Joon every week. It's been great in helping excite him to stick to his routine."

Robyn W.
Parent of 4 - San Francisco, CA

"All of my kids use Joon. It helps motivate them to do their homework, chores, and keep physically fit!"

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