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The Best ADHD Video Game To Help Your Family: A Review Of Joon

November 4, 2022
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    Can an ADHD video game help your child? You might be surprised to learn that the answer is "yes." The Joon app motivates kids with ADHD to complete daily tasks - a prevalent struggle among those with ADHD. But, how exactly does Joon work, and what sets it apart from the other video games your child plays?

    In this article, we'll go over what makes our app special and how the Joon app works. Then, we will discuss the benefits that parents and kids get from using Joon. Finally, we will discuss the use of therapeutic video games for those with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and cover frequently asked questions about gaming and ADHD.

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    The Best ADHD video game: Joon

    It’s no secret that many people, especially kids with ADHD, gravitate toward video games. However, Joon is not just a video game. What sets Joon apart from other games is that it makes real-life routines and tasks fun and engaging for children with ADHD. 

    Why is this important? It's common for kids with ADHD to struggle to initiate and complete tasks due to their symptoms. However, it is also known that rewards are an effective source of motivation for people with ADHD. Joon takes this knowledge and applies it for good.

    While it's not intended as a stand-alone therapeutic intervention, Joon can be incredibly advantageous for kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Some parents even call the Joon app an "answer to their prayers."

    Currently, there are over 3.5k reviews for Joon in the app store. Joon has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. That is why many consider Joon to be the best app for ADHD kids.

    Is playing video games good for ADHD?

    Following clinical trials that prove the efficacy of game-based digital therapeutic interventions, the FDA has started to authorize the use of prescription games and devices designed to help children who live with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. In fact, the first game-based therapeutic program for kids with ADHD was approved for marketing in the year 2020. Games designed to help children with ADHD differ from games that are solely for entertainment.

    Something special about Joon is that you don't need a prescription to use it, which is the case for some other video games designed for kids with ADHD. Furthermore, Joon is safe, and it is backed by child psychologists, occupational therapists, and teachers.

    In other words, games like Joon are unique. Joon is enjoyable for kids, but they aren't stuck in a digital world when they use it. Instead, Joon promotes productivity in the real world.

    Note: Does your child struggle with paying attention or completing chores? What about other tasks, like homework? Designed exclusively for kids between ages 6-12 who live with ADHD, Joon strives to improve attention, function, and success in daily activities. Many parents immediately see positive effects when their child uses Joon, such as a boost in independence, self-esteem, and executive functioning. Click here to try the app for 7 days free.

    Who Is The Joon App For?

    Currently, the Joon app is available for Apple users*. However, kids can connect to the game from an Android or Amazon device. The Joon app is designed for children between the ages of six and twelve who have ADHD and their parents. You can use the Joon app regardless of if your child has combined type ADHD, primarily inattentive ADHD, or primarily hyperactive/impulsive ADHD.

    Games like Joon take your child's love for digital activities and turn it into something positive. But, how exactly does it work for the parent? 

    *Joon is coming to Android for parents shortly. Fill out this quick form to join our Android waitlist. 

    How Joon Works

    First, parents must download Joon via iPhone. Then, they must create an account for the child. When your child first downloads the game, they will pick a pet, called a Doter, to take care of. Your child must earn rewards to take care of their pet. Your child will complete age-appropriate tasks and chores, also called quests, selected by you. Once your child completes the quests you choose, you will approve them. After that, they get the rewards necessary to take care of the pet in the game. 

    The game works by motivating children and supporting executive function. The reason why a game like Joon is ideal for kids who live with ADHD is it acts as a reward system and keeps them stimulated. ADHD insight shows how important rewards and external stimulation can be for the success and functioning of people with the condition. The habits kids pick up with Joon can help them succeed long-term and engage in daily tasks successfully.

    As for the kinds of tasks you'll see on Joon, they range from things like picking out clothes or making a snack to more difficult tasks, like waking up with an alarm clock, finishing homework assignments, putting the dishes away, or making their bed. You can manually filter the tasks based on your child's age group or add your own. It's totally customizable, and it comes with a range of benefits for kids and their parents. Try a 7-day free trial here.

    Benefits Of Using Joon

    The Joon app features positive tasks only. In addition to the more obvious benefits, such as the fact that it is accessible and most kids complete all of the tasks they're assigned in the app, Joon is a healthy motivator and can improve your child's overall mental health and well-being. 

    Here are some of the positive effects that parents notice with Joon:


    With Joon, you don't have to nag your child to get them to do their chores or complete other tasks. The Joon app will give your child reminders. Since they will want to move forward in the game and must complete the quests you assign , Joon will motivate them to fulfill their obligations independently. 

    Executive function

    Executive function refers to higher-level mental processes and cognitive abilities, including self-control, setting and meeting goals, following multiple-step instructions, working memory, and flexible thinking. People with ADHD frequently struggle with executive function and find tools and practices that aid said processes throughout their life valuable. This is true for kids and adults alike. While using the Joon app, children experience a boost in executive function.

    Self-esteem and confidence 

    When a child completes tasks and receives rewards that help them care for their virtual pet in the Joon app, they often experience a sense of achievement. As a result, Joon can help kids feel positive about themselves and their abilities. 

    Positive habits and routines

    It can be tough for kids with ADHD to implement new routines, but routine is critical for individuals who live with ADHD. Since Joon lets parents input daily chores into the app in exchange for rewards that help them take care of their Doter, it can help kids implement positive habits and routines into their daily life. You choose what you include in their task (or quest) list for the day, and 90% of kids who use Joon finish all of their tasks. 

    Better parent-child relationships

    If you are like many parents, activities such as homework and chores might come with a fight in your household. You might dread asking your child to get things done. Since the game makes duties like these more enjoyable for a child, many parents report that their relationship with their children has improved due to using Joon. 

    Joon doesn't interfere with other interventions, such as your child's medication or any behavioral or mental health therapy you or they might pursue to address symptoms of ADHD. Although some of the effects of Joon, such as the implementation and maintenance of new routines, take time, other positive impacts are immediate.

    Try Joon App

    If your child experiences frustration or lack of motivation regarding daily tasks, an app like Joon can help. Joon is also advantageous for kids who may forget to finish tasks or fail to follow through, which are common for those with ADHD. The Joon app is both fast and easy to download. One of the best parts? When you sign up for Joon, you get a free 7-day trial. Then, you can pick a monthly or yearly plan. We strive to make Joon affordable for parents and fun for kids; it truly is a win-win. 

    Click here to get your 7-day free trial of Joon, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the app. 


    Dr. Brittany Ferri, PhD

    Brittany is a registered and licensed occupational therapist who holds a PhD in Integrative Mental Health. She is the owner of a writing and consulting company called Simplicity of Health. She has direct experience in program development, behavioral health, pediatrics, and telehealth. She has published five books, lectured at 20+ OT/OTA programs, and has been quoted as a health expert by NBC News, WebMD, CNN, and other outlets.


    Dr. Brittany Ferri, PhD

    Brittany is a registered and licensed occupational therapist who holds a PhD in Integrative Mental Health. She is the owner of a writing and consulting company called Simplicity of Health. She has direct experience in program development, behavioral health, pediatrics, and telehealth. She has published five books, lectured at 20+ OT/OTA programs, and has been quoted as a health expert by NBC News, WebMD, CNN, and other outlets.