Game-based reward system that drives behavior change for children & consistency for parents

Leverage screen time play therapy to get your patients motivated to follow your in-session suggestions at home and at school.

100% free for therapists.

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Help families manage
behavior at home

Build a digital routine together

During therapy, work with your patients to build the most appropriate routine for their specific needs so they can practice at home.

Track progress outside of therapy

No more guessing if parents followed through with your recommendations. See the data real-time and dig into issues faster during follow-up sessions.

Provide better care

  • Submit the Joon subscription for full reimbursement for the parent
  • Know exactly what to discuss during follow-ups based on their progress with Joon
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Gain access to a remote patient monitoring dashboard for free

When using Joon, you will be able to access our remote patient monitoring dashboard. It extends patient-centered care outside of traditional settings by allowing you to remotely recommend, monitor, and track your clients’ progress outside of your sessions.
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Results from using Joon

Grow your practice

Scale your therapeutic recommendations using a digital solution, allowing you to take on a larger caseload.

Make better-informed decisions

Be able to track progress out of session and see what your clients are struggling with at home.

Provide more options for therapy

Offer Joon as a solution for children who are struggling with typical therapy methods.

Faster insurance reimbursement

Easily show client improvements based on aggregated data to quickly receive reimbursement from insurance.

Join the 300+ clinics already using Joon

best chore app
Sophie M. LCSW

"I love Joon because, with Joon, the reward is the game. It's not motivating kids with things or treats to stay motivated, practice good behavior, and most importantly, develop a sense independence!"

best life skills app
Jamie F. OT

"Not only is Joon helping my caseload focus on improving their morning and evening routines, its also teaching them compassion & care for others. It's just such a great life skill that I never thought a mobile app could help an 8 year old practice at home.

Life skills for kids
Lucy R. MFT
chore app

"There is no reason for this app to be limited to simple things like routines. Any behaviors that the kids in your caseload need to focus on can be added and they will be motivated to practice it! Within 5 minutes of introducing it to a patient, they were running back and forth completing quests and asking me for what's next!"

raise children
Dr. Megan W. PhD
character building app

"The best part about Joon is the part that removes the fighting and tension between the parent and child. No longer do I feel the constant tension within families as the app helps support focus and reminders for both the parent and child."

chores and motivating kids
Nick B. LPC
raise successful kids

"I check in with my caseload every week regarding Joon. It's been great in motivating them to develop positive habits like brushing teeth and becoming more well-rounded individuals."

chores for kids
Charlotte M. BCBA
raise children

"After giving the app a test, I knew it would be a huge hit with a few children in my caseload. They love screens and this immediately spoke their language. It was extremely easy to set up and teach their parents how to implement at home. Best part is the data syncs to my device instantly!"

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